Who we are

Suggested text: Our website address is: https://towtrucktowing.com.au.

The following terms and conditions will govern your use of the Tow Truck App. This app is an online platform that bridges the gap between service providers of roadside assistance and customers. This app can be used for calling the customers and providing them roadside assistance services.

By using the services provided by the Tow Truck app, you agree to this contract and its provisions. If for any case, you do not agree for the terms and conditions provided in the contract, you should not use the application.

Tow Truck reserves the right to change or amend the provided terms and conditions without giving any intimation to the users. As a user, it should be your responsibility to review the terms and conditions of the app in regular intervals and stay updated about it.


Your using the services of the Tow Truck will never be suspended or prohibited at any time.

You, a customer, is not a competitor of the Tow Truck app. Also, you are not supposed to offer any product which can compete with the services that Tow Truck provides.

You have all the rights to contract and with that you will not be violating any law or contract.


You correspond to and warrant that:

  • You will present accurate and true information to Tow Truck and also update in regular periods.
  • You will comply with and review any notices sent by Tow Truck about your availing the Tow Truck services.
  • You will not replicate, issue, sub-licenses, sell, display, implement, distribute, transfer, publish or reclassify Tow Truck services. If so, you have exploited the services commercially or transferred them as not permitted hereunder.
  • You will not use the information or data from this app for anything other than personal use -and not sell the Tow Truck services to any third party.
  • You will use the services provided by Tow Truck for legitimate purposes only. Also, you will not use the services to perform any illegal activity.
  • You will not cause harassment, harm or annoyance to anyone by using the services of Tow Truck.
  • Any attempt of yours should not lead to harming the services of the app or the interests of the app.
  • Without any written permission to Tow Truck, you will not copy the application or distribute it or its content.
  • You will be responsible for maintaining the password and identifying yourself to us when it comes time that we need access your account.
  • Tow Truck requires that all customers provide them with evidence of their identity.

All intellectual property rights for the services provided through this app and all materials related to or appearing on them are owned by Tow Truck.

You are prohibited from reproducing or allowing any person to use your services. This means that you cannot reproduce the logo, name of service provider and other identifying features in order for others can also benefit from them too!


By using the application or service, you agree to defend Tow Truck and all of its affiliates including licensors. You also promise not hurt them in any way by law suits or personal injury caused from your use-of this includes legal fees if required for us as well. Some of other circumstances are as follows:

  • You recognize and agree that violations of these user conditions or any applicable law may result in termination rights for you.
  • Your misuse or misappropriation of any rights, including those for roadside assistance providers regulated by the app.
  • Your use or ill-use of the application.

You are fully aware that any information submitted to this site is sole responsibility of your own accord, and we cannot hold anyone else accountable for its use.

You are required to notify us if you notice any loss, theft or unauthorized use of our services.


Tow Truck does not take any responsibility for the services they provide and stresses that all warranties, guarantees or promises are provided “as-is”.

Tow Truck does not assume responsibility for any guarantees, including but not limited to, fitness of use and suitability, market potential as well as viability of property rights for sale.

The Tow Truck Company understands the risks of using services and as such they do not hold anyone responsible for any indirect damages or loss.


By using the app, you agree not to utilize it for any illegal or unethical purpose. You also undertake that you will follow these guidelines as well- otherwise they may face legal consequences!


The application is a living document that we may update from time-to-time with new material. However, since this information can change at any given moment and there’s no commitment on our behalf to refresh outdated content you should always check for updates before relying upon it.


By using our application, you agree to the terms set out in this privacy policy. All data given through use will be handled as per these policies and regulations. Our company reserves all rights regarding personal information collected from users accessing its services.


Tow Truck reserves the right to change, suspend or limit any of its Services at anytime for whatever reason they want without notice (unless required by law).

Your account is subject to our discretion and we may refuse you service at any time for whatsoever reason. We also reserve the right of access with or without notice depending on what’s best in our interest.

If we limit or suspend your access to our application, you don’t have a contractual right for us not be able use it anymore.


By using the application, you are agreeing to defend and indemnify Tow Truck from any claim or liability arising out of your use, which are as follows:

  1. Your access to use of the application in any means.
  2. Your violation of any mentioned terms over here.
  3. Your misuse of third party rights is a serious offense that may result in legal action.
  4. Any problems or dispute between you and any third party.

The burden is on you to show that any claim against us should be denied. We will help in this endeavor by assuming exclusive defense and control over matters subject for indemnity from your side, but it’s important you cooperate with us in this matter.