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Motorcycle Towing: Professional Service in Sydney

Sydney is a center of cultural diversity and is enriched with natural beauty. It is the capital of New South Wales. A motorcycle is more than a ride for the bikers. It is a lifestyle choice.

It gives the riders to explore the remote countryside and seek adventure. However, on the road journey. motorcycles face accidents, fuel crises, and technical difficulties.

This is when motorcycle towing plays a crucial role in assisting the rider and assuring proper services to a rider. Undoubtedly, any reliable and good towing service is a great relief in this stressful situation.

tow truck Sydney towing bike
tow truck Sydney towing bike

What is a Vehicle Tow System?

Towing is a procedure where a vehicle is pulled behind another vehicle. The vehicle is pulling another one is called the tow vehicle and the vehicle being pulled is called the trailer or dinghy. There are different types of towing systems available, like- hook and chain method, two-wheel towing method, etc.

Understanding Motorcycle Towing Services

Like any vehicle, motorcycles have mechanical difficulties or accidents that need professional assistance. As a two-wheeler bikes more often encounter dangerous accidents. When such kind of situations arise, motorcycle towing services become life-savior for the bikers.

Let's Define Motorcycle Towing!

Motorcycle towing is concerned with transporting motorcycles from one location to another. It is done by using a tow truck or customized motorcycle trailer. Where tow car curry the motorbike to it’s location. When any motorcycle encounters accidents, runs out of fuel, faces mechanical issues, or cannot run on the road, then a motorcycle towing service is needed.

Types of Motorcycle Towing Services

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Professional Motorcycle Towing Services in Sydney

Sydney is a busy city with a diverse culture. It is a very popular tourist spot with opera houses and exotic beaches. This is very important to get professional motorcycle towing services in Sydney 24/7, as the number of bike lovers and adventure-seeking people is huge all over Sydney.

Whether in Sydney Inner West, Western Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Subberds, Parramatta, or Banks Town, there are many motorbike towing services available all across Sydney. Professional towing services provided by experts are available 24/7. Many experienced agencies provide many professional services and different methods. One can choose and get desired services, emergency services can be avail by phone call only. One can choose special methods and compare the costs also. Motorbike import-related works are also done by the agencies.

Popular Methods for Motorcycle Towing Service

Motorcycle towing methods have an impact on the condition of the vehicle and the safety of the bike. The most popular two methods are- flatbed, Two-wheel towing, and hook and chain. Both are used for their advantages. Two-wheel toeing is also used with a motorcycle carrier.

Flatbed Method

The flatbed Method is a process where the bike is carried on a trailer or truck providing maximum safety. It is comparatively costly and may not fit on every road. Though it is popular for the safety of the bike.

Hook and Chain Method

Hook and chain methods are used to tie the bike to another vehicle to lift the front wheel. It has the potential to have higher damage risks but is known for cost efficiency.

Two-Wheel Towing Method

It is perfectly effective and convenient for bikes. Where extra wheels are connected in an axle supported by a frame to carry the bike.

Choosing the Right Towing Method

When you have to choose between flatbed and hook and chain towing, some factors should be considered for making the best decisions.  We cannot blindly choose just any method. These factors influence our decisions to choose the specific method according to our needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Motorcycle Towing Service

Motorcycle Towing Cost

Bike towing in Sydney will not exceed 238$. This cost varies in different states and cities, it also may differ according to the distance, motorbike conditions, and other circumstances. Towing from the accident spot will cost a maximum of 5$ per km in Australia. Where the bike holding in the towing yard will cost 50-80$. Local motorcycle towing service will cost 100-200$, depending on distances.

Concluding Remark

Whatever, you are in which part of the country, a proper bike towing service ensures the safety and mobility of the motorbike riders. It is very important to simply transport the motorbikes from one location to another. Bike towing services play a crucial role in an emergency occurrence with bikes and riders. Motorbike towing ensures the riders’ freedom and enhances the adventure opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, anyone can bring a motorbike to Australia following the legal procedure.

You have to apply for an import permit and get customs clearance for any kind of motorbike.

It is illegal to drive any kind of motorcycle all over Australia without Compulsory Third Party(CTP) Insurance.

Using a motorcycle carrier is the best and easiest method to tow a motorcycle.

Flatbed is the easiest and best method for towing any vehicle.

Motorcycle trailers shouldn’t be over 3 feet 3 inches in width.

Low gear is best for towing. This engine power is safe for the owner.

Truck towing capacity is equal to the subtraction of the truck’s curb weight from its gross combined vehicle weight rating(GCVWR). This is the maximum weight of your loaded truck with its attached trailer.


For picking up the cars or bikes to the towing van and dropping them to the target destination, we have qualified experts. Our service is open 24/7 and our experts reach the spot sooner than expected. Our service is always affordable and qualitative.